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For decades Brüsch Precision has been a stabile supplier to the Energy business.
Most of our clients will be found in the off-shore business.
Among other things we have produces fiberoptic equipment for monitoring the seabass.


Brüsch A/S are known to be a professional partner with modern production facilities and therefore we are often the preferred partner in different high technology projects.


The Core Competence  of Brüsch Precison is to develop and manufactor
precision components from the specifications from our clients.

Brüsch – world class manufactoring

Brüsch are specialist in contract manufacturing of small critical parts for medical devices. As a total supplier we participate in projects from idea to finished products.

Our services are CNC sliding head turning, multitasking turning, milling and grinding. We also offer complete manufacturing of Nitinol Wire stents including polishing, cleaning and passivation.

As ISO 13485 certified we know all about the strict demands for quality and documentation. Our factory is a high-technology workplace with machines from leading manufacturers. We invest more than 10% of our turn over in new technology each year.

Brüsch Precision is a modern and visionary supplier of CNC machined parts, we have 60 years of experience.

Our mission is to deliver an extraordinary job in each case. We are constantly preoccupied in a high level of  consistency of supply and in customized quality systems in addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.






”Brüsch Precision is one of our most reliable and credible suppliers. Brüsch Precision has a great understanding of our World. Brüsch is a professional partner without any remarks.”
”Brüsch Precison in Denmark has been suppling Krabat since the beginning in 2006. We have worked closely regarding product development and optimizing of production. Brüsch Precision has always delivered our orders as agreed on and has been a very important partner in our critical start-up-phase.”

”Brüsch Precision is supplying mechanical parts  and machanical solutions for DTU’s international aerospace programme since 1994
DTU is world leading in design, production and calibration of high precision navigation solutions aerospace technology. ”

From Receipt of order until delivery the course is defined by you. We can meet your demands for traceability, documentation, certificates, packing or shipment directly from your specifications.

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