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We are known to be a professional partner with modern production facilities and therefore we are often the preferred partner in different high technology projects. Our experience in handling complex subjects and materials, 0-error culture, full process control and full tracebility is securing a high level of quality each time.

Ocean and space
Besides from cooperation with several high technology companies we are also supplying complexed development projects for international knowledge centers. Therefor you will find components made by Brüsch at the botom of the ocean and deep out in space

Some of our versatility lies in our experience in different mmaterials, We are also working in Inconell, Hasteloy  and super Duplex.

We are doing our outmost to offer the best and future secured technology. Our level og investment is high so we at all times are able to stay attractive and a step ahead.  We are investing in robot technology and automatization in ordre to keep our cost at competitive level with no compromise on quality.

Total solution in serials
We are offering serial sizes in 5-5.000 pcs and are offering individual solutions regarding:
CNC turning
CNC cutting
CNC swiss type lathe
Surface treatment

Mounting with 3rd part items
Monotoring and testing – process control, 100% visual control of finished goods
Stocking and blanket orders
Packing and shipment
Tracebility and documentation
All our costumers are considered unique

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 Islevdalvej 138, DK-2610 Rødovre

 Tlf. +45 44 94 ​​33 79

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