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Brüsch Precision is supplying mechanical parts  and machanical solutions for DTU’s international aerospace programme since 1994
DTU is world leading in design, production and calibration of high precision navigation solutions aerospace technology. The instruments of DTU Space and thereby also Brüsch Precision are used in all major aerospace institutions as; NASA, ESA, JAXA og CNES.
Brüsch Precison has over the years been reliable and punctual supplier of high precision items in eg high grade aluminium, titanium, always in a market leading high quality. Especially subjects manufactored in isotopic Særligt Brüsch A/S højpræcisions emner udført i Isotopically titanium har demonstrated a high level of strengh and thermoelastic stability that is close to theoretical impossible.

The quality of the items delivered by Brüsch Precision will be demonstrated best by the fact that from none of the 50 international aerospace missions we had none remarks, questions ect. Towards any item produced by Brüsch Precision. These parts are exposed to a accumulated aerospace flight at more than 200 years in a very rough environment..


John Leif Jørgensen
Head og Division
Measurement and Instrumentation Systems

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