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Krabat A/S

Krabat AS is a manufactor and supplier of help supplies to disabled children. Our business philosophy  is to supply world class products regarding functionalism and aesthetics and quality. To be able to do this we depend on our suppliers which are very important. We depend on our suppliers to deliver top quality products and at the right time. We are investigating carefully before pick out of partners and are doing our outmost to have long term relations with our suppliers.

Brüsch Precison in Denmark has been suppling Krabat since the beginning in 2006. We have worked closely regarding product development and optimizing of production. Brüsch Precision has always delivered our orders as agreed on and has been a very important partner in our critical start-up-phase.

Frederik Brodtkorb
Managing Director

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 Islevdalvej 138, DK-2610 Rødovre

 Tlf. +45 44 94 ​​33 79

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