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About us

Who are we?

​Our promise. As a costumer with Brüsch Precison you will always experiencing to be at the center of our attention. The confidence given to us by our costumers we are taken very serious. You will experience that we are an innovative partner which constantly are working on optimizing our processes and methods to be able to offer our clients the best possible conditions and quality.

From reciept of orde runtill delivery of finished goods – you are defining the process – Do you have special demands for traceability, certificates, package, form of delivery? Let us handle it.

We organizes the procedure regarding your order according to your specifications. EvenThough we are handeling nummerous of items every single day, all items stays visible and all costumers unique. To us it is essential that you feel at home at Brüsch Precision. Brüsch-ånden

The spirit of Brüsch Precision

The spirt of Brüsch Precision is created off the great community among our highly skilled, creative and innovative employees which everyday contributes to a high level of professionalism and a great mood.

Besides from our professional skills we are very considered to be social responsible.  We are always training apprentices of 3 young people and we take it very seriously to provide an education of high quality with good perspectives for us and for the student.


Brüsch Precision is a consistent company with many years of experience. We are family owned in three generations. We are constantly developing and acquire new skills. We are maintaining our leading position by investments, optimizing eg via LEAN projects and always keeping updated on the latest research of our business  and of our costumers business. Therefore we are proud to announce that we after 60 years in this business stands stronger and better than ever.

Welcome to Brüsch Precision. ​

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 Islevdalvej 138, DK-2610 Rødovre

 Tlf. +45 44 94 ​​33 79

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